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Customized Palletizer System
Product name:Different nameDescription and Pic
Robot palletizerFull auto robot stacker
PET bottle stacking machine   
● Palletizing robot covers small area, its convenient to layout the workshop.
● When the palleted products changed,ABB robort only need to change some programs or the tongs modifications.
● One Palletizing robot can burden multiple production lines.
● 6 axis palletizing robot, the normal use of the electric power consumption of about 22KW.
● For palletizing applications,we have developed specialized package of software:Pallet.Tech.No need to programme,it can be generated offline program and downloaded to the computer robot.
● The robot uses the modular design, based on the PC and Windows XP open system, easy to expand and integration. In the entire life cycle of the robot, you can always find the opportunity to use.
● Robots average failure time is 70,000hours(8 years). the service life is up to 15 years or more.
● High production efficiency: in the process of the machine working, the start and termination are slow and steady, fast movement, shorten the non-working time, improve production efficiency.
● Easy to operate: the machine is fully automatic operation, can automatically adjust the running speed, and the entire production line synchronous operation.
● Reasonable structure: This machine is made up of reasonable mechanical structure, reliable pneumatic device and advanced electronic control technology, advanced technology and simple structure.
● Safe and reliable: the machine set protective cover and net, also has a photoelectric safety protection device, the operate person strayed into the danger zone immediately and automatically shut down.
● Meet the health requirements: the machine noise is low, and the use of non oil lubrication of pneumatic components, to avoid oil pollution.
Technical requirements:
1. frequency action: 8S per time
2.Size: 2073X1184X 2092(L*W*H)
3.Weight: 1650Kg
Work weight: 180Kg
Thongs weight: 100Kg
4. palletizing number: 5-9 cartons for one time
5.Power: 22kw
6.Compressored air:
a.Air source presure: 0.5Mpa
b.Work pressure: cylinder 0.3Mpa
c.Gas consumption: 3.5m³/h
7. Main interface dimensions
Height of forming table: 800mm
Tray conveying height: 600mm
8.Suitable package: film, carton and plastic cartonCustomized Palletizer System

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