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nianhuanPosté 25/10/2018 08:00

6090 CNC Metal Router Machine
Product overview:
Metal series machines are not of imposing stature but are strong and capable for delicate engraving on small pieces,small size brings great convenience to home and office use.
Product features:
1.linear guide rails and German automatic anti-backlash double-nut screws ensure the high precision and perfect effect of metal engraving.
2.High speed drive faster the speed by nearly two meters.
3.Supporting with the international standard G code command is compatible with different engraving software at home and abroad.
4.Breakpoint memory and save method of 9processed points at most ensures the continuity and convenience of work.
5.Axis X adopts the popular dustproof,which ensures the good performance for long time.
Aluminum-plastic panel,light guide plate,copper,aluminum plate,stainless steel and other materials with no burr and no blade-stick while engraving or cutting in water.
Metal engraving router


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